Planet Bean Coffee Shop Case Study

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1. The Secret Shopper survey created for the Planet Bean coffee shops and is aimed to improve the shops functional and operational abilities. The three main segments that the survey focuses on are visual appeal, the product, and overall customer service. These segments target the core of all business needs.

Visual Appeal is important to the customer because it is the first thing they will see and is the breaking point on whether or not they will enter your shop. The questions asked in the survey target many key components surrounding the concept of visual appeal. The survey asked if the shop has curb appeal, looks welcoming, seems clean, and appears to be organized by the secret shoppers discretion. These questions are the reason a customer
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To make sure that his employees are working efficiently, Byron should measure his how satisfied his employees are with their current position. Bryon should make sure his employees are satisfied with working for his company and what position they currently hold working for his companies. If Byron satisfies his employees needs then they will become engaged with their current job position. If his employees are engaged they become better workers who take their jobs more seriously and work harder to achieve the company 's goals. The employee satisfaction survey that has been made covers a variety of topics that contribute to the employees overall satisfaction with the company. The survey measures whether the employee enjoys working with the company and is comfortable in their working environment. It touches on managers and other employees that also affect their decision on whether they are engaged with the company. If an employee enjoys working for the owner of the company they are more likely to try harder to achieve the company’s goal. If the employee likes you they work with they will become happy with their job which increases customer service. The survey also touches the topics of security and communication. If an employee feels that their job is not secure they are more likely to leave the company to find a more secure income. Communication is another big factor when it comes to employee retention. If manager and employees do not communicate with one and another problems within the company can occur. If there is no communication between employees and managers and employee may feel uncomfortable with their position and leave. Employee retention and engagement is key for a company to do well. If an employee is engage with their job they will work harder and go beyond what they are required to do. Employee retention is another vital concept in companies because the longer an employee has spent doing their job the greater the productivity and efficiency of that

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