Plan to Increase Team Motivation, Satisfaction and Performance

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Plan to Increase a Team’s Motivation, Satisfaction, and Performance
John Dow
October 09, 2008
Instructor Name: Homero Martinez

The different personalities of team members influence the team’s performance. Different levels of motivation and work satisfaction can translate in how the team achieves its intended objectives. Understanding how these factors influence a team’s performance is a task for managers and team leaders. This paper highlights the opportunities of increasing team performance by means of identifying how these factors correlate to personal attitudes, emotions, and values. The paper summarizes ways to address these factors and provides conclusions related
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Regarding the effects of personality, the Plan considers an evaluation to team members using the “five factor model” to obtain a reference of their primary personality. This model assesses personality in terms of Agreeableness, Emotional Stability, Conscientiousness, Extroversion, and Openness to experience (Woodward, 2011). According to Szalma and Taylor (2011), these traits are associated with at least one measure of workload stress when measured against workers in the automation industry. The plan uses the results of this assessment to identify the interest of team members toward experiencing new challenges throughout the project, flexibility to changes in time schedule, and toward tasks details. It also identifies hostility when confronting adverse situations, trustiness in decisions, and the ability to handle stress. The Plan considers mechanisms to assist team members who exhibit weaknesses in any of these areas to maintain behavioral balance across the group and affinity toward the main project deliverables.
Personal values can strongly influence the behavior of team members. The Plan for increasing team performance considers the cultural background of each team member. The plan focuses on identifying patterns to correlate with those values more in alignment with the personality of each individual. For this reason, a survey is put in place to have team members choose among gratitude, honor, respect, honesty, commitment, harmony, service, justice,

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