Negative Ob Essay

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Avoiding Negative OB Impact
Organizations need to decide how they will promote and apply a positive OB and eliminate any negative effect of OB that may arise from the company’s position on any aspect of the organization. A motivated individual who is cost-effective with the job will always perform beyond expectations and, therefore, employee productivity will not be affected. Employees who are dissatisfied at work may get to a position where they are compromising their well-being due to the stress of job dissatisfaction. A lack of proper response by an organization for this type of situation can impact employee retention. Organizations must find ways to energize the workforce and work diligently to prevent individuals from de-energizing work
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Managers must understand managing diversity and other barriers that may affect employee productivity. Managers must learn how to apply tools like job performance reviews and use tools that are available for managers to promote a positive OB to keep employee motivation and job satisfaction as high as possible. Managers must understand each of the OB concepts and tools and the correct way to apply them. Managing diversity can be a challenge; however, if managers follow recommendations and try to work on ways to maintain a diverse workforce, the work will be much easier. When managers use job performance tools in a positive way, these tools help to create “job satisfaction which has a positive association with two constructive behavioral outcomes job performance and organization citizenship behavior” (Kinicki & Fugate, 2016, p. 63). Many common barriers can affect the organization and employee productivity if workforce diversity is not managing properly. Kanu Kogod (1991) designed a workshop to “train managers and supervisors to identify and understand existing prejudice and discriminatory barriers in the workplace and to do something to alleviate this unwanted situation" (as cited in Solomon & Cawley, 1993, p. 193). Organizations must understand the effect managing diversity can have on employee productivity. Managers must recognize the challenge that a work diversification …show more content…
OB offers effective approaches for an organization to be able to manage the impact of social media and minimize the effect it can have on employee productivity. Social media presents problems that can become a challenge for many organizations. The organization needs to create a social media policy and procedures that encourage a positive OB toward this issue. Cain (2011) argues “The use of social media in the workplace is not inherently without merit. There are numerous positive outcomes related to social media use, including networking, marketing, public relations, and consumer engagement” (p.1038). An effective use of social media can boost productivity, increase job satisfaction, and help organizations by connecting sources of knowledge across the

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