Plagiarism: How Dumb Do They Think We Are?

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In a society today, students are taught differently. They have access to many sources through the Internet, so instead of using his or her own knowledge, a student may just log onto the Internet and find everything they need. Teachers are forced to deal with devious students who don’t seem to care anymore. Although these teachers desire success and would do anything possible to aid in the success of their students, they still manage the students that lack ambition. Students are lacking ambition that should come easy; work is being completed using someone else’s words. Students plagiarize for many different reasons, ranging from acceptance to laziness. Some reasons are accidents and careless mistakes, while other students are doing it, even though they know better. Plagiarism is something that should have consequences because if you do not stop it at the beginning, all students will think they can do it. Jonathan Malesic discusses plagiarism in his article “How Dumb Do They Think We are?” stating, “Plagiarism is, therefore, not only dishonest; it is also a sign of students’ shamefully entrenched satisfaction with their limitations.” (87) I personally agree with Malesic, I too believe that due to the absence of …show more content…
Their jobs are taken for granted because they are forced to deal with students who do not seem to care. Students are using plagiarism because they are either too lazy to do the work for themselves or they feel that they will be accepted more and graded better if they use the words of someone else. It is not fair for the teacher or the other students in the class. Teachers are working as hard as they can to teach the exact way to do something. They are forced to deal with kids that should not even be classified as a students because those kids are not doing the work on their own to become something in life, instead they are using someone else’s work and they believe that, that is going to get them

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