Pierre Elliot Trudeau Essay

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As one of the Canada’s greatest leaders, Pierre Elliot Trudeau brought change that would change Canada forever in a positive manner. Although it can be argued that Trudeau’s behavior was outlandish and informal at times, it could be considered charismatic, however, his behavior to politics was superior. He was inspired to change Canada and make it a better place to live. He did so by implying the Charter of Rights and Freedoms, multiculturalism, and using laws to make Canada a better place. Pierre Elliot Trudeau’s actions changed Canada for the better. On April 17th, 1982, when the Charter of Rights and Freedoms was signed into law (_The History of the Charter_), Canadians lives would change forever. The Canadian Charter of Rights and …show more content…
The legal rights such as; everyone has the right to be secure against unreasonable search or seizure, ensures that all Canadians treated fairly (_Canadian Charter of Rights and Freedoms_). Trudeau implied all these rights and freedoms and more in the charter which has made Canada a better place for everyone. All these rights and freedoms allow Canadians to be themselves and live a peaceful life, without the government being involved. Another brilliant idea by Trudeau was Multiculturalism, which also drastically changed Canada. As stated by Pierre Trudeau, “The government will support and encourage the various cultures and ethnic groups that give structure and vitality to our society. They will be encouraged to share their cultural expressions and values with other Canadians and so contribute to a richer life for us all.”(Hryniuk 49) The multicultural Policy states that under Canadian law, these equalities are the rights and privileges of any person, and ensure that they may participate as a member of the society, regardless of racial, ethnic, cultural, or religious background. Multiculturalism promotes gaining and an understanding of people from all cultures, despite language, religious beliefs, political and social views, or national origins (_What is the Multicultural Policy?)_. Well before World War II, Canada was already home to people from a wide

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