Factors Of Canada's Independence

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Canada’s independence was influenced by many factors such as the 1982 constitution, which added the charter of right and freedom for Canada, Canada 's choice to join world war 2, in the first world war we were forced to fight along Britain although for world war 2 we chose to fight with them. Finally, Canada’s contribution to both world wars. Canada was a colony of the British Empire, meaning Britain retained overall legislative supremacy. In 1982, Pierre Trudeau introduced several new amendments to the constitution that later would be approved. Moreover, these events were influenced by the same factor, that Canada spent too many resources and money on international affairs. The result of Canada 's expenditures was a vital factor to Canada …show more content…
Canada decided to enter world war 2 because of a decision by the Canadian Parliament since the Canadian population believed it was the right thing to do. Referring back to world war 1, Canada joined the League of Nations to promote peace in the world and to prevent any other further coming wars. This meant that Canada urged peace in the world, which meant that they are willing to fight for it. Moreover, the reason Canada was not obligated to join the second world war was because of ties being cut in 1931 from the Statute of Westminster. The Statute of Westminster was a law that granted British colonies legal freedom, and would clarify Canada’s Parliamentary powers. Moreover, to further prove that Canada was truly an independent country, Prime Minister Mackenzie King delayed their declaration of war against Germany by one week after Britain had. By joining the second world war on our own was a step towards our independence and this would also lead to Canada spending money and resources on the war. By doing so, Canada would see by supporting other countries with supplies, such as the League of Nations, they could survive on their own without the support of Britain. A great example of Canada surviving on their own is when Canada, America, and Mexico made the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA) on January 1, 1994. The Statute of Westminster allowed Canada to take part in this agreement without the presence of a British

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