Comparing Two Different Teaching Styles

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There are two common ways of teaching. Teaching to a student’s style, or teaching to a teacher’s style. One way to prove this is to look at my AP physics teacher and compare him to my electronics teacher. They have very different teaching styles yet they both accomplished the same goal. Teaching the students the subject.
Some people in education believe that teachers should teach to the student’s style, but this is not true. Student’s learning styles can differ greatly between students in the same class creating the need for a teacher to have around 30 different teaching styles (one for each student) for one class. I have been in many classes where one student learns best through visual aids, another through repetition, a third through examples,
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He taught by making the students think of the answer themselves. He never gave an answer to a question. He would only ask another question to get the student thinking in the right direction then let the student figure out the answer for his or her self. For example, during a lab, we would often ask questions about what a result meant. Instead of answering our question, he would ask us the same question we just asked him. We would then get together in small groups, or as a class, to discuss what we thought the result meant. If we got it right, the teacher would move on to the next topic; if we got it wrong, he would question our results by introducing different scenarios until we understood that our answer was wrong and that we need to come up with another solution. Although this teaching style did not match my learning style (being lectured and being given examples), I was still able to learn a lot from the class and passed it with an 88%. As a result of the teacher teaching the way that best suited him, he was able to effectively teach the …show more content…
This results in the students not getting the information needed to learn. This happened with my Geophysical Science teacher. He was told to teach his class a certain way in order to get all of the required topics in. As a result, he had to rush through the topics and was unable to explain anything in much detail. This caused the vast majority of students to do poorly in the class. He might have been a good teacher, but because he was forced to teach in a style that he was not comfortable with, the students

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