Physician Assisted Suicide And A Current World Issue Project Essay

1582 Words Sep 19th, 2016 7 Pages
The subject was brought up to me my junior year of high school, in a current world issues project. While my group had chosen to do project on the mild but ever changing subject of climate change, another group had chosen physician assisted suicide. What little research they had on it fascinated me, and when thinking of topics that I am interested in researching in class at the beginning of this project, the subject of physician assisted suicide was brought back to my mind. I came into this research project not having any solid opinion on this subject, and wanting my essay to also be void of any opinion, just filled with facts and the process of how this works. However, when beginning my research, I was shocked by how little facts I could pull out in the sea that is opinions and judgements. So I am going to, without bias or opinion, simply try to answer the question: how does physician assisted suicide work, and where did this entire idea come from? The first thing I knew I needed to do to begin my research, was to find out the difference between physician assisted suicide and euthanasia. When first searching physician assisted suicide, the term euthanasia came up often. I knew that they were not the same, but I honestly could not tell anyone the difference between the two. So I started this search the way any beginning college student would do; I googled it. Google took me to the website Minnesota Citizens Concerned for Life. This site defined for me that physician assisted…

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