Medical Testing On Animals Essay

All over the world animals are taken for granted and used and getting abused by their captors, humans. Everyday humans are hurting animals and using them for their own selfish gains. The animals are unable to fight back being the lesser of the species. These harmless, defenseless, innocent animals are in pain, sad, and just looking for someone to love them. People abuse animals every day by medical testing, physical abuse, and abused for food; each of which is preventable.
Medical testing is done often on cats, dogs, mice, rats, rabbits, and even monkeys. Testing on animals can kill them, give them immense pain, and make them suffer at the hand of humans. We need to stop testing on animals and do more research on how it will affect humans.
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Animals have been keep in captivity their entire lives, not given proper care or love, abused, and taken for granted. Using animals as food is inevitable, but properly caring for the animals while in captivity and giving them a good life. “People cause many kinds of intentional harm to animals, for example in slaughtering animals for food and in hunting, fishing, pest control, and some scientific research and testing” ( Fraser,2011 ,pg179). With such a short life given to these animals, they should have lots of love and joy in their life. They are slaughtering billions of animals inhumanely and tormenting many of the animals. These animals are used as property yet again and not thought of as more than just a meat machine. Animals deserve a life just as much as humans do, even if humans use animals as food they should be treated humanely.
Animal abuse occurs too often, it can be prevented and is horrifying to see happen. Animal abuse should be taken seriously and needs to stop soon, the abuse to animals is just as bad as hurting a child. People abuse animals every day all around the world by medical testing on animals which can kill them, physical abuse just for fun or to relieve anger, and abused for food to get a cheap source or food for a higher profit. Abusing animals is what people, who need to get a grip and realize that animals have feelings too, just like humans, all they want is to be loved and cared

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