Physical Fitness And Cardiovascular Endurance Essay

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Physical fitness is best described as people’s ability to perform physical activities. There are five main components of physical fitness and they are as follows: cardiovascular endurance, muscle strength, muscle endurance, flexibility, and body composition. Cardiovascular endurance is the heart and lungs ability to provide the body with the necessary oxygen. Cardiovascular endurance is extremely important because while participating in a physical activity you need to be able to breathe properly to have a better workout without getting overly tired and winded. Secondly muscular strength is the amount of force you can exert on the resistance for a certain amount of time. The activities that build muscular endurance are exercises like bench press, leg press, and bicep curls. Muscular endurance is the third component it has to do with being able to work out for an extended period of time without fatiguing. Flexibility is next, it is the ability to move each joint to a certain point. Different stretches can measure this ability depending on the stretch. Body composition is the fifth and final component of physical fitness and its best defined as the amount of body fat you have in your body. All of these components make up your physical fitness. To improve your physical fitness exercise regularly, stretch often and stay active.
To measure a person’s fitness level you must utilize the five components that were discussed above. Using those five components you can figure out your…

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