Physical Education Article Analysis

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Thorburn, Malcolm, and Gray, Shirley. “Official and Unofficial Views of Physical Education.” Physical Education: Picking up the Baton. Chapter 1(2010): 8-29. Vancouver Island University library search eBook. Web. 7 November. 2015.
This chapter is a detailed study of the nature and purposes of physical education it is done by analysing official and unofficial views of physical education. In this book physical education is not focused on in the education system and how core programs have characterised physical education by lack of time, progression, and curriculum priority. I found this chapter interesting by how the Author illustrate the reasons for not force Physical Education on students and how they can benefit from it in health, leadership,
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The author explains in his article also, Sport have a place in schools because society determined that sport are worthy to be included it in school education. It is has the aspect of intelligence that is kinesthetic has value on the education system. Therefore this will likely to be one of the articles that I will use in my research paper, since its main focus on sport, culture, and how sport in important in …show more content…
The writer explains how Society, local councillors, parents, sporting institution, and other more will continue to spend a big amount of pressures on physical education to ensure the competitive aspects of physical education. The writer pointed in the article how it is important that physical educationist need to be able to interpret the value and place of competition and co-operation in the physical education curriculum. Since the writer main focus in on the co-operation and competition side of physical education therefore I will not use it in my

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