Essay on Physical And Behavioral Impact On Children

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Another statistics from this table I would like to point out are the last five, which the first four can be considered chores, and the last one is a actual job. Adults who think that all kids should win state on average that the kids should be at least a year older than what the only winners should get trophies adults state they should be. This number is interesting me because the adults who state that only winners get trophies have the opportunity to start teaching the value of hard work and money through allowances to their pre-teen and teenage kids that they have. It is never too early to start teaching the value of a dollar to a young kid, to teach them that money is earned 99% of the time by hard work and is rarely just given to you by someone with no strings attached.

The Psychology

We will now look at the psychology of this concept, because it will have a mental and behavioral impact on people who grow up with this concept of they get awards just for trying. There is a washington times article in 2014 where several psychologist blast youth sports league`s because of their everybody wins structure. The psychologist main concern was how this concept in a competitive environment prepared these youth for the real world. Some of the quotes in this article are “if young children can 't learn that performance varies by the individual, then they 'll just be harder hit once they reach adulthood and struggle to compete in the business world”- Mr. Williams. Which is…

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