Philosophy : The Right Versus Wrong Essay examples

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Philosophy is defined, by Oxford Dictionary, as “The study of the fundamental nature of knowledge, reality, and existence, especially when considered as an academic discipline.” (Philosophy) Meaning that it is a way of thinking critically about the world around us. A hunt to uncover the truth about life and our existence here, as well as, developing critical ways to have a quality argument. Philosophy is derived from the Greek words Philos - loving, and Sophia - meaning wisdom; the love of wisdom. Philosophy can be deconstructed and laid out into many forms. Theses include subsets such as logic, metaphysics, ethics, aesthetics and epistemology. Logic, at its core, is the reasoning aspect of philosophy, meaning a way of making sense of everything around us, as well as establishing and then verifying facts. Metaphysical philosophy discusses the how and why of our reality and existence. Ethics fundamentally is known as the morality of philosophy, the right versus wrong, a moral compass in a way. Aesthetics is a principle that is concerned with the elements of beauty and nature, but more broad art itself. Lastly, Epistemology describes ways of individual knowing, a way of discerning between opinion and belief.
Distinguishing between the two topics at hand, both, “My philosophy about that is . . .” and what philosophy actually is simple yet a complicated discussion. When individuals state their “Philosophy” on a topic, what most of them are doing is stating an opinion that…

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