Essay on Philosophy Is A Disciple Of Learning

1150 Words Nov 23rd, 2015 null Page
Philosophy is a disciple of learning that takes different kinds of thinking to understand. Understanding these complex concepts introduced in philosophy, opens the concepts to apply to every part of our life. Using paradoxes and puzzles introduced by people all around the world during many different times, allows us to understand fundamental social, and ethical issues that can still be applicable today. These thought experiments challenge our meaning of reality and provide an understanding as to why we think of something the way we do. They teach us to challenge natural science and to always ask why. One of the most interesting philosophers, to me, was Zeno. I guess the reason he stood out the most to me was the fact that no one has been able to respond to him and his puzzles. I love the fact that it challenges what we know about natural science. I think it is so important for future generations to constantly ask questions and to bring forth new ideas. Zeno did just that. Zeno challenged the most fundamental ideas of the world we know. He challenged the ideas of modern physics, and the concept of reality. These ideas that have been so ingrained in our minds from the moment we were old enough to understand them. All our society knows is the laws of physics and the notion of a reality. The idea that we are all in reality and everything around us was and is the reality of our world has always been accepted. But what happens when we don’t accept it? What is reality and if it…

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