Contradiction Between Socrates Position In The Apology And The Crito

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2.Is there a contradiction between Socrates’ position in the Apology and in the Crito with respect to the reverence due to the law? If yes, explain how we can reconcile both positions. If no, explain what is common in them.

Yes, there is a contradiction between the two.
In Crito, Socrates tries to personifies the Laws of Athens in an attempt to prove why he chose not to defend himself. First, he says that if he were to defend himself he would be breaking his word. He has agreed to obey the laws verbally, and his actions prove that he really tried. In Crito, Plato claims that Socrates in running away would be “attempting to run away contrary to the contracts and agreements according to which you contracted with us to be governed.” Obedience,
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He believes that justice is living up to your legal obligations and giving what is owed. It is a matter of behaving nicely towards others, a very traditional approach to justice. Meanwhile, Polemarchus believes that it is just to be good to friends and bad to enemies, a very militaristic version of justice. Socrates very easily finds fault in both arguments and refutes both with ease. For both, Socrates appeals to their acceptance of the traditional belief that injustice is shameful because if justice is admirable and injustice is shameful, then justice is good and injustice is bad, which means in no situation would injustice be advantageous, which is untrue and leads to Thrasymachus’ …show more content…
Thrasymachus’ beliefs offers a positive outlook of expertise in advancing one’s interest. However, Socrates uses this to refute his answer. He believes that expertise by nature always brings that area of expertise into a better condition; therefore, rulers too have to benefit the ruled. Those who have expertise live up to the objective standards of success, but the nonexpert has no knowledge of the objective standard, making them measure comparatively. So, since it is unjust rather than the just who seek to gain advantage, it is justice over injustice that is the most relevant with expertise, ruining Thrasymachus’

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