Phase 2 Individual Projects Essay

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Phase 2 Individual Project
Colorado Technical University
Management in International Business
Robert Wilberding
October 30, 2013
Phase 2 Individual Project There are many businesses that have expanded their business internationally in order to benefit in some sort of way rather it revenue or a better market for their product. In this thesis, I will research a multination company and its international strategy over the last 10 years. I will elaborate on it international orientation and rather it etho-, poly-, or geocentric. I than explain why the company decided on expanding to the chosen locations. Then I will clarify if they had core capability to succeed in those markets, along with its
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Also, McDonalds turns bad into success, by being in the forefront of environmental issues McDonalds took their issues and established their own Global Environmental committee and outlined the steps to reduce solid waste. Over the years there has been much global health concern, mainly in relation to children. In response to the concerns, McDonald’s formed the Global Advisory Council (GAC) in 2004. The GAC is an international team of independent experts assembled by McDonald's to provide us with professional guidance in the areas of nutrition and children's well-being (The Success of McDonald’s Franchise).
Finally, what is value chain dispersal and integration strategy? Value chain dispersal is how a business receives information and takes the information to add value to their business in the selling of their product to customers. Value chains can produce goods or services. The goal of the business to produces maximum value for the least total cost. Integration strategy is use in the training of management and employees, reduce in-effective communication, and reduce cost. The international strategy that is organized around value chain dispersal and integration strategy involving McDonald’s, is that they know their strengths and weaknesses. Adding values strengthens the corporations as a global economy, where the weaknesses are transformed into a positive factor. These projects take effective management. Effective in

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