Pharmasim Case Essay

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PharmaSim Case
Wednesday, May 14, 2014
11:15 AM Introduction:
Management team at the over-the-counter cold medicine (OCM) group of Allstar Brands just completed its third presentation in the past month to the Pharmaceuticals Division Manager regarding the status of the Allround cold medication. Problem:
Allround brand it manages is of strategic importance to the company. Unfortunately, the fourth quarter performance were not as positive as management expected. Overview:
Allround is market share leader in the OTC cold and allergy remedy market.
Consistent success of the brand in terms of profitability and sales, critical component of the Pharmaceuticals Division's long-term strategic plan.
Brand's cash flow in the coming
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Brand manager is responsible for all aspects of marketing decisions for Allround program. Is also responsible for more detailed aspects of advertising messsage, competitor to position, choice of target segments, and details of how promotional allowances and promotions are allocated across various distribution channels. Industry Overview
Allstar Brands competes with four other firms in OTC cold and allergy market. Company Name
Sales ($, million)
Brands on the Market
Allstar Brands
Allround, 4-hr multi-symptom cold liquid
Believe, 4-hr allergy capsule
Besthelp, 4-hr cold capsule
Coughcure, 4-hr cough liquid
Defogg, 4-hr allergy capsule
Dryup, 4-hr multi symptom cold capsule
Dripstop, nasal cold spray
Effective, nasal cold spray
End, 4-hr cough liquid
Extra, 12-hr cold capsule OTC Cold Remedy Market
Cold remedies are designed to address five basic symptoms: aches and fever, nasal congestion, chest congestion, runny nose, and cough.
Allergies share many similar symptoms to cold and therefore often grouped with cold remedies.
Products formulated specifically for allergy relief medicines are available, common in industry to consider

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