Peter Dingess: A Tragic Hero

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Peter Dingess was born in 1740 in Germany and as a child traveled to America in 1751. He boarded a ship called “The Brothers” that was departing from Rotterdam, Holland and was scheduled to land in Philadelphia, Pennsylvania. Tragedy struck on the journey over; Peter’s parents, Michael and Gertrude, died of smallpox. Peter and his sister arrived into America as orphans as a result. They were left to roam the streets until a local merchant family took them in. Later in his life Peter served in the American Revolution and fought in numerous battles. Peter married Molly Polly Smith in 1768, in Augusta, Virginia and together they had ten children. Peter died in Mercer County in 1809 and his wife, Molly Polly lived until 1836. Margaret (Peggy) …show more content…
was the son of Margaret and James Bright who was born on January 16, 1782 in Botetourt, Virginia. He went on to marry Nancy Morgan on February 9, 1813 in Lincoln, Tennessee. Together they had nine children. James surveyed lines and moved Creek Indians to Oklahoma. He passed away in 1871, living longer than his wife who passed in 1856. John Morgan Bright was the son of Nancy and James Bright, Jr. He was born on February 20, 1817 in Lincoln, Tennessee. He married Judith Clark in 1878 in Maury County, Tennessee; they had four children. Judith later died of typhoid in 1855 and John remarried. His second wife was Zurilda Buckner and they had two children together. John was a congressman and was nominated to be the governor of Tennessee; he was a active democrat. Later in his life he formed the law partnership with two of his children called “Bright and Sons”. John Morgan died on October 10, …show more content…
He was born in 1931 and they lived on Lookout Mountain. He went to McCallie High School in Chattanooga and then went to Davidson College in North Carolina. While at McCallie, the Dismembered Tennesseans were born, a bluegrass band; they continued playing at Davidson College. Fletcher came back to Chattanooga and eventually took over his dad’s realty company, renaming it the Fletcher Bright Company. Fletcher married Marshall Soyars in ***** and they lived on top of Lookout Mountain next to the house that Fletcher grew up in. They had five children: George, Elizabeth “Lizzer”, Frank, Anne, and Lucy. Marshall passed away in *** due to heath complications. The Dismembered Tennesseans are still around today playing their bluegrass music. Fletcher and his son George started a free annual bluegrass festival in Chattanooga that happens the first weekend in October; 2016 will be its 10th year. Currently Fletcher is the only surviving sibling out of the

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