Who Was Andrew Jackson As A Common Man?

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Born on March 15th, 1767, Andrew Jackson was never thought to be the leader of The United States, none the less have as much as a presidential legacy as he did. Jackson was born on the North and South Carolina boarder to a poor Irish family who immigrated to the United States (history.com). His life got harder when the Revolutionary War happened, killing his parents and leaving him an orphan. Later on Jackson, with his brother, went on to fight with the American military. While there, he and his brother were taken as prisoners by the enemy and soon after his brother died. Years later, Jackson met a woman named Rachel Donelson Robards and began a life with her, even though she was still married, which eventually came back to haunt him during his first election, when he ran against John Quincy Adams …show more content…
He also did not receive proper early education due to his harsh childhood (history.com). Instead, he studied newspapers and kept up with the current events (thehermatige), which eventually prompted him to go to law school later in life. He was also the first president who fought in two major wars (the American Revolution and War of 1812)(thehematige). Due to his past, Andrew Jackson was known as a common man among the people, relating to how a lot of people grew up in the United States, which made a lot of people want to vote for him. Because of how he came up, his political culture was much different from the past presidents, who could not relate to the average man as much as he could. According to history.com, Andrew Jackson was known to have a strong personality as well. Maybe even the strongest out of the other six presidents. According to thewhitehouse.org, Jackson was the only president who was strongly against congress, and vetoed almost everything they sent his way. By Andrew Jackson redefining what it meant to be president, he left quite a presidential legacy. Whether he’s thought of as the

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