Persuasive Speech : Welcome Cool Cats Essay examples

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Welcome Cool Cats!

We are excited that your child will be in the Cool Cats this year! We hope to not only show them a fun-loving environment, but we hope that your child can come here and learn to be the best they can be in school and in life!

We want them to have fun, but we also want to keep them safe and prepare them for life’s journeys ahead. We will be and have been going over with your children, a new method for helping your child to succeed. Below are the expectations for our classroom, but we need your help in implementing this process so that we can keep them safe at daycare. We want you to be aware that if your child breaks a rule, after several warnings, that they are responsible for their actions and have a consequence of writing sentences. But also if they meet the class expectations they are rewarded for it. If you could sit down with your child/children and go over each rule that would really help in keeping a healthy environment for the children as they come to daycare. We hope that having support from you, the parents, that it can encourage the children to meet the class expectations. If you have ANY questions feel free to talk with us!

Class Rules:
1. Listening Bodies- I will listen and follow directions.
2. Quiet Mouths- I will use a soft voice; for snack time, or waiting in line to go somewhere, I will sit or stand quietly to wait until the teacher is ready to proceed to our destination.
3. Walking Feet- I will walk in school to be safe.

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