Benefits Of Apple Research Paper

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We all know that famous saying, “An apple a day keeps the doctor away,” but have many of us considered why apples? Why not a banana a day or a kiwi a day? Your grandmother may have praised the benefits of apple pectin and told you to eat an apple when you were constipated. And it’s true, the fiber in the pectin is great at getting things moving again.
But did you grandmother know apples were actually a superfood? From lowering cholesterol to improving gut health and preventing cancer, apples pack numerous health benefits.
Here are 7 reasons why you should start eating more apples TODAY. And, being fall, it’s a great time to stock up on many crisp varieties.
1. Reduce Cholesterol Levels
Many people spend a majority of their time trying to lower
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Cancer Prevention
You know that eating more fruits and vegetables, along with exercising and eliminating stress are highly-effective ways of reducing your risk of developing cancer. In fact, according to a Nurses’ Health Study and the Health Professionals’ Follow-up Study, eating fruits and vegetables caused a 21% reduction of the risk of lung cancer in women. Apples, in particular, were specifically associated with this decreased risk of lung cancer.
A Finnish study also involving 10,000 men and women also found a strong link between an increased intake of flavonoids from eating apples and a lower growth of lung cancer.
And finally, Rui Hai Liu, a researcher at Cornell University also found that eating more apples resulted in increased amounts of phenolic compounds which help prevent and combat the development of cancer.
Yet more reasons to start eating more apples today.
3. Improved Heart Health
UK researchers from the University of Oxford conducted a study and were a bit startled by the results. According to their findings, eating just one apple a day was found to be as effective as taking statins in people over the age of 50 for avoiding vascular death. Not only are apples a more natural way to keep your heart healthy, they are also a much cheaper
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If you’d like to know how to heal your gut so you can heal yourself from the inside out, you’ll want to read this guide, written by a doctor who healed his arthritis by healing his gut.

There’s no doubt about it, apples hold many benefits to our health thanks to their abundance of disease-fighting nutrients. They are, indeed, the superfood no one really talks about. Before I let you go so you can add apples to this week’s grocery list, a couple of final thoughts:
While one of the studies I mentioned named a benefit of apple juice, I would personally caution you against drinking glasses and glasses of it. As soon as you squeeze the juice out of a fruit, you get all of the sugar and none of the fiber – and that’s not very healthy for you at all.
And finally, just as apple juice is not as good as eating an actual apple, please do not fool yourself into thinking apple pie and apple fritters will offer you any health benefits – they won’t. If you really want to take advantage of these 7 health benefits of apples, just eat

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