Persuasive Speech On Teenage Pregnancy

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Clicking through channels on a Tuesday afternoon, past the news channel “Teen pregnancy is at a 10 year low!” (3. Koh) past MTV’s latest episode of Teen Mom and finally to a nice episode of Snapped. “Pssh. I would have more to worried about on Snapped than teen pregnancy,” I say aloud to myself. Just as the last commercials end to the final segment of the show, Alice comes running through the door, crying and runs straight through the living room and slams her bedroom door shut. I look at the time, 3:50, and 20 minutes past the normal time for the bus to come home from school. Wondering what middle school drama was today, I quietly knock and ask if she needs anything. A very loud, stern “NO!” comes from my small 14 year old daughter. 5 o’clock rolls around. As Dylan and I sit down for dinner, he asks where Alice is and I explained what happened as she ran in late from school. Shortly after we start eating, Alice slowly walks into the dining room. Red and teary eyed, she quietly asks if she can talk to us. …show more content…
So that is what we spent the evening doing, reading through successful adoption stories, looking up agencies in our area and finally reading on families on their websites looking to adopt a baby. Minutes before we called it a night, we were scrolling through the last site and was on the second to last family when Alice screamed “STOP MOM! That is them.” Somehow something clicked in my 14 year old daughter and knew that was the family for her baby. The next day we called the agency to start the process and told them about the family online my daughter insisted on meeting with. Because Alice was already 6 months along, we had to speed up the process and met the family within weeks of calling the agency. Everything went as planned and 9 days after Allie’s 15th birthday, she gave birth to a healthy baby girl and gave a family the baby they always

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