Golf Persuasive Essay

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Did you know that if you were to set foot on the moon you’ll find a golf balls lying around on the moon! NASA astronaut and American naval aviator Alan Sheppard is known as the fifth man ever to set foot on the moon. He is also credited as being the only man to ever hit while on the moon. The date was February 6th 1917. Shepard’s famous lines after hitting the golf ball was “miles and miles and miles” refferring to how amazing the travels further in space and is likely to be still traveling today. I believe that golf is the greatest game ever. So why is it a great game? It can teach kids and adult’s life lessons and fantastic morals for their future in life. Golf is a greats chance to exercise and to get outdoors. It’s also the best career choice I can think of!
Most people today would think that golfers aren’t fit, or it’s not a great chance to exercise. Well you are wrong! Golfers now days are strong, flexible and are incredibly fit. The likes of Adam scot, Tiger Woods, Dustin Johnson and the world number on now Rory Mcilroy. These are close to perfect examples of big fit strong golfers that can hit the golf ball over three hundred meters that are staring to being called athletes. Golfs a great chance to exercise because if you play 36 holes of golf in one day you could burn up to 5000 calories it is like walking a marathon!
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Golf can do this by teaching good morals, it’s a fantastic career choice to travel and can earn plenty of money which is phantasmagorical but I would suggest if you wanted to start up the game just enjoy it and have fun with friends and family also to meet down to earth captivating people who can share the same passion as yourself. I would encourage and exhilarate people or yourself to start playing the great game of golf. Golf is titillating and is entertaining for

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