Persuasive Essay: Why Do You Want To Serve?

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Why do you want to serve?
My parents grew up in an improvised rural village in China, I knew their importance of having their children find a worthy job, which is financially stable. My parents are very proud of my sister obtaining her medical degree. Then there was me, I got C’s and B’s in my first year in college and I had no direction in my life as a business major. When I had the opportunity to trek through the lust rainforest of Sumatra, I know instantly I wanted to work in the environment. Our tour guide told us the severity of how endangered these ecosystems were due to palm oil production. Though first griming, our tour guide also told us of success stories of orangutan population, I found its importance of having an impactful job versus
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Which is an experience that the Student Conservation Association had given a conservation purpose to generations of young adults with its pioneering policies and practices. Issues like the economy are always in the forefront of world challenges, critically-endangered rainforest are being destroyed for food production. The SCA allows me to serve in heavily underrepresented and unfunded issues in the environment. From environmental education to GIS work, The SCA gives me a flexibility in the opportunities I can gain to work to improve environmental challenges. Having the ability to work in various locations from Alaska to Delaware, will engage me into a diversity of perspectives and cultures. Be surrounded by a supportive and thriving community who also values working to making a difference, will give me growth in my conservation stewardship and leadership. I want to continue my experience working with a focus in field research …show more content…
My education and variety of experiences have been focused on the environment. Through my practicum degree in natural resource conservation, I took a wildlife populations and habitat class that taught me methods to survey wildlife. After taking a GIS analyzing class, I learned how to better analyze wildlife data. My wildlife identification class taught me the importance of examining the feather patterns of a Goshawk and Peregrine Falcon to differentiate them in the wild. Eager to gain more direct experience working with wildlife, I interned at the Blue Ridge wildlife center in Virginia in the summer of 2015. I learned the techniques of handling box turtles to reduce infection. Working directly with wildlife, reminded me of the beauty of wildlife’s primitive instincts that first drew me to my major. This internship solidified my interest in field work in natural settings. When I returned to university after the internship, I interned for the City of Northampton in the Planning and Sustainability Department in western Massachusetts. I worked long and strenuous identifying different invasive flora of the Northeast. Whether sunny and humid or rainy and cloudy, I would cut down tree-sized staghorn sumac. After the Northampton internship, I knew I wanted a more analytical environmental work. I started volunteering for The

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