Why I Want To Be A Committed Citizen Essay

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Throughout my life, I’ve always been told to pursue what inspires me most. With growing up in a capitalistic nation, stocks, marketing empires, and entrepreneurship has always been in front of me, and the perpetuating idea that has been spreaded throughout my life. Despite the negative notion of the world of business, I am truly inspired by the world of marketing, and is a path that I want to pursue. As told in my previous essay, there is a lot of corruption the world of business. This is a issue I want to solve, and is why I have chosen your Tepper School of Business to learn about the inner workings of the marketing world. I plan to be deeply involved in the stock market, and hopefully come to have enough marketing power that I can become a politician. With this, I can help change, and fix the corrupt path that mega …show more content…
Besides my own goals and aspirations, I believe that I could bring great qualities and leadership to the campus as well. My greatest quality, and arguably the most important quality for one to posses, is that I am a committed citizen. What does it mean to be a committed citizen? To me, a committed citizen is one who gives their time, abilities, and efforts to a cause that they support and believe will change the environment around them. With my qualities of being a committed citizen, I believe that I can bring a viable change to CMU. Being a debater, I 've come to learn a lot about how communitarianism plays a huge role in how a society or community operates. In the recent election, I decided to help my community by joining the campaign form Amendment V, which would allow for non-partisan primaries in the state of South Dakota. This would allow people who classify as independent, liberation. or anyone who doesn 't classify under democrat or republican, to vote for the

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