Is Animal Testing Wrong

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Most people would agree that harming an animal is a cruel act to commit. Others believe that animal testing should be allowed because new human and animal related cures have been discovered by conducting the experiments. Some may think that since we are humans and animals are not, we have higher authority over the animals. Some people have protested, started movements and other organizations to try and stop animal experimenting. These innocent creatures are being tortured daily so we must step in and put an end to these disgraceful animal experimentations. Animal testing for medical research is wrong because of the lethal results, inhumane treatment, and lack of different testing methods.
Animal experimentation allows the conduction of extremely
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Pat Thomas mentions, “Unfortunately, scientists have relied on these tests, and as a result, many of the drugs approved through animal experimentation have proven dangerous to humans”. Test theories fail most of the time because it does not work on humans and since we have such different body systems compared to the animals; therefore, the treatment is then rejected by the human body. approximately 15,000 new drugs are marketed every year, while some 12,000 are withdrawn. An example of the damage animal testing causes “According to the Food and Drug Administration (FDA). 1.5 million Americans were hospitalized in 1978 alone as a consequence of pharmaceutical drugs administered to "cure" them” (Thomas). The main point is that the experiments are non-affective for medical results and the animals are paying the price for our mistakes. Instead of wasting lives, we should be testing volunteer human subjects for human cures, not animal cures. Animals are fully awake and go through large amounts of pain while scientists are vivisecting them. The test animals are tortured and experimented on when they have not been sedated which is heartless and cruel sedated or not. If testing continues people will think it is acceptable to overpower animals and many more lives will be lost to lethal procedures. These …show more content…
Using animals to replace humans simply does not work, the animals cannot communicate the way a human would when they are ill. Another claim from Pat Thomas, “Animals, for instance, cannot let the experimenter know if they are suffering from headache, amnesia, nausea, depression and other psychological disturbances”. There are other options for finding cures such as using MRI imaging, computer modeling, in vitro testing and micro-dosing. The cost to experiment on animals has cost the US around eighteen billion dollars in experimenting. That money could have gone to the hungry, homeless, our schools, disabled veterans or even our nation’s debt. By using other testing strategies that do not include the torture and murder of millions of animals will not only save lives but valuable time and money. Using artificial human skin is one of the alternatives to animal experimentation, which is using cellular tissue that is just like human skin instead of the live animal’s flesh that will experience intense pain. The usage of MRI imaging will allow the researchers to have a look into the brain without doing any cutting. Then there is the vitro testing that is conducted by using cells in a test tube. The computer modeling will show the experimenters the damage that can occur and stimulate the results of the possible new medicine. The

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