Argumentative Essay: Should School Be Extended Longer?

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Should School Be Extended Longer? With a regular school day varying from 7-8 hours, Students are stressed from all the homework they are receiving. Adding more hours of school will not only make them more stressed, but also exhausted. Many people have different points of view on the length of the school day in America. Some people think that the school day should be extended to help improve tests scores throughout the country, but others think the school day is fine the way it is. An extended school day would be anathema to students and teachers who already feel pressured and exhausted. Students come off the bus they are ready to just plop down because they are tired after school. They have to prepare themselves for a night of endless homework that they were assigned to, knowing that if …show more content…
All this homework the teachers are giving is depriving Students of their sleep. According to the Mary A. Carskadon author of the article Let Students Sleep “Young children are biologically ‘primed for early to bed and early to rise; but as children pass through middle school and high school, biological processes keep them up later.” This could become a problem with longer school days because Students will become even more tired, and the teachers will have enough time to teach more than needed to, so they will assign more homework. Which will leave Students up late at night. Also, the kids will not be able to keep their heads from droping down, and drifting off into a nap, because of how late they have to stay up. Todd Olsen author of Should School Days Be Longer writes “In Finland, students spend 15 percent less time in school than American students do-and Finnish students exceed on international test.” Todd Olsen also acknowledged “Students stress levels spike during the school year. Nearly a third of responses said they were

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