Persuasive Essay : School Uniforms

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Helpful to Impractical There are some things in life that are meant to be helpful, but end up being unreasonable. An example would be school uniforms. Over the years, many schools have utilized uniforms as a way to unify students and teach them discipline. However, sometimes these uniforms may cause more problems than originally intended. School uniforms are impractical and restrictive to students and their families. One of the issues school uniforms may cause families is the expense. Of course, some individual articles of clothing may be costly on their own. “Oxford shirts might look dressier than polos, but they’re also more expensive. A Landry-Walker High button-down runs $27 at Step N Style in Algiers. Teen-sized plaid skirts for several schools cost $40 at the same store”(Dreilinger). In short, parents spend $25 to $40 on a single item of clothing for their child. Once these articles of clothing turn into outfits, the costs quickly add up. Paying for school clothes will become expensive and growing children will also need clothes appropriate for extracurricular activities and life outside of school. “Even with uniforms, parents would still need to purchase “regular clothes” for when students are not in school, thus creating an additional expense. A 2012 presentation by North Brunswick Township Public Schools in New Jersey reported the average cost for families to purchase uniforms would be $300 per student per year” (Anderson). As a result, parents would be spending…

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