Persuasive Essay On The Fourth Amendment

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The San Bernardino shooting was a tragic event. A cell phone recovered after the shooting has been collected as evidence. Law enforcement believes that unlocking the phone which is an iPhone would help them learn more about the attack and plans. They also believe that this would allow them to intercept future attacks and protect innocent people. Guessing the code incorrectly ten times is believed to erase the data on the phone (Lichtblau). The government has reached out to Apple INC. asking for their help. The government needs apple to create a back door into the iPhone so that they can take down the security wall and access the information on the phone safely.
Apple has been reluctant to assist in this task stating that creating the software
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In my opinion gaining access to the San Bernardino gunman’s phone is in no way a violation of the fourth amendment. Having done research on the fourth amendment I know that to search someone or something you have to have probable cause or a search warrant. In a case like this a search warrant was not necessarily needed, but because the phone was property of someone else one was issued. The gunman killed innocent people and could possibly pose a threat to others in the future. I think that Apple needs to think about the bigger picture here. If you are dead you can’t use a phone. Apple keeps saying that creating a back door will put everyone at risk and how the software doesn’t exist that no one has access to that. I look at it this way, there are people who made the security wall for the iPhone. If they know to construct it they know exactly how to deconstruct it. The software in fact does exist just not in a physical sense. It exists in the minds of those who are responsible for the iPhone software. Which means at any given point in time one of these people could gain access to iPhone how they please. So this excuse that Apple has made up is not solid and they should try again so they can look even more stupid. The fact is that iPhone security is already at risk, people are just too lazy to take the time to break down the security wall because it would take too long and they

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