Persuasive Essay On Teen Driving

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Teen drives are apart of a group that need to have more practice driving. They show to be a hazard on the road. They are very excited to get their licenses but not ready. With this it teaches them great responsibility. Teens think it’s all fun and simple when they get their licenses ,but they don’t understand everything that comes with driving. Teens are not the worst drivers they just need practice to help prevents future accidents. First, teens are a natural hazard on the road. The road is full of experienced and inexperienced drivers, that including teens, adults, and elderly people but in the article the author quotes the Insurance Institute for Highway Safety by saying ,”crashes are the leading cause of deaths among American teens” (“Teen Drivers” par 2). Teens just want to go fast and they think they can do what they want. They also want to attempt to use their phones, with …show more content…
Most teens have to get a job to pay for gas and insurance so they can continue to drive but they have to are sure they keep up with all that stuff. If they get a job though it could lead to them driving at night. The article “Teen Drivers” states ,”fatal-crash rate per mile driven for sixteen-year-olds is about twice as high during the night as during the day.” (par 2). So driving at night after work for teens is very dangerous but it can also help teach them to pay more attention to the road and their surrounding. With the insurance they will most likely have to pay for that too. It actually cost more for teens to be put on insurance since they are so much riskier drivers and and newer at it. The article “Teen Drivers” says,”Parents who add a son or daughter to a family policy can expect insurance costs to increase 50 to 100 percent!” (par 4). This is a lot but it it helps to teach the teens responsibility with having to pay for

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