Persuasive Essay On Solar Cars

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With the price of gas on the rise, why not make switch to a vehicle that only requires little expense to drive. The solar-powered car is the best solution for this problem. The creation of the solar-powered car was to create a more environmental safe vehicle for our planet. They are also starting to create different types of solar-powered cars like the car named Stella “the world's first solar-powered, energy-positive family vehicle” (Preimesberger par. 1). which was previewed in San Francisco. Can the creation of different types of solar-powered cars help these vehicles become the next big thing across the world? Although solar-powered cars can be expensive and be somewhat inconvenient, people should make the switch to a solar-powered car because they save oil and gas, they don’t give out any harmful emissions, and they require little expense for running. The first reason why people should make the switch from regular cars to solar-powered cars would be that they would be saving lots of gas and oil. We use so much gas and oil on cars that sooner …show more content…
This would be a huge benefit to people world wide because of the rise in gas prices. Being able to still go to any location you would with your car now, but not have to pay the same amount of money to go there. The automotive companies have been working hard on making this a priority. The companies have been saying that “Reducing the multibillion-dollar subsidies to road travel is one obvious step” (Flavin par. 26). By making this an obvious step, many people will be attracted to this idea and make the switch over to solar-powered cars. Being able to travel by road transportation without the use of gas will save people thousands of dollars annually. Solar powered cars do cost money, but by making the switch over would still save them money that they would be spending on gas on more important

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