Benefit Of Solar Energy

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People have been finding, and using sources of energy since the beginning of mankind. Whether it is fire to cook, use streams and rivers to ride a canoe, to help grind corn, or coal to power trains across the world, humans have always relied on the valuable riches that the earth produces to survive However, most of the energy that is currently being used is nonrenewable, which means that it will not replenish as quickly as it is being consumed. An example of a nonrenewable resource currently being used is coal and natural gas. Therefore, solar energy is a more efficient form of energy, than coal and natural gas since, solar energy is cheaper, potential issues that may arise will have easier solutions, and it will limit the amount of coal and natural gas pollution. Almost all forms of energy can somehow trace back to the sun. This energy helps keep the Earth warm, it can provide the vitamins necessary for human functions, and supply plants with the right nutrients to move through photosynthesis. Humans have further developed the ability to harness this energy in storable units for future consumption. The cost of solar energy appears to be much more expensive, when in the long run it actually is not. Solar power is beneficial because of its many benefits in comparison …show more content…
One innovative way to utilize solar energy is with the creation of solar roadways. A company founded in Illinois came up with the idea and have been trying to implement it into more cities. An amazing addition to these solar panel roads are that warnings can be displayed on the road itself so they are easier to see, as well as having all of the machinery on the outside edges for when maintenance is necessary. National Parks especially enjoy solar panels since thee are no wires and so the wildlife will not be disturbed as

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