Persuasive Essay On Society

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Tears, stress, hate, and anxiety are all outcomes of a place most of today’s societal teenagers loathe going. School is a place, where children and teenagers attend, to obtain knowledge (School: Learner 's Dictionary). It has been around for many years and still continues. As time progresses, so does society and everything along with it. Schools from the sixties are much different from the ones of today in various ways. There are many types of schools that people can attend. For example there is elementary, middle and high school. Each of those stages of school teaches a specific age group of students and different criteria, but is also cumulative as you work your way up. Kids dread going to school because they won’t be with their mommy and daddy or watching their favorite cartoons. Elementary school was the easiest years of school after the first day. All that is expected is to know shapes, numbers and being able to color and count. If we could go back to elementary school times would be much easier. The next stage to our educational level is Middle school which starts from ages ten or eleven to thirteen or fourteen. This is an experience most kids never forget. You make your friends ships in this stage and relationships starts to form and life is just full of wonderful surprises. Hearts will be broken and lessons will be …show more content…
They were beat in some of the schools they went to and segregation was still evident (Horowitz, Evan). If we all traded places none of them would survive a day in a place like ours, like we wouldn’t survive a day in a place like theirs. School to them would not be what it means in the dictionary or to the oxford company. They would describe it as a living Hell because that was how bad it was for them. Although we don’t have it as bad as they did in the early years, we are impacted more psychologically by school now, than physically like they

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