Personal Argument Against Gay Marriage

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I believe that regardless of gender people should be allowed the right of marriage. Now that’s just my personal opinion but others in the state of Texas are mostly conservative I was surprised to see that the polls for same-sex marriage and against sex-marriage were practically split fifty-fifty. “Texas voters are split on whether gays and lesbians should be allowed to marry” and so as I looked at the polls I realized that the way things were before as in the way people think is starting to change (Ramsey, 2015).
Just like there are people who support gay marriage there are those who oppose it. People against gay marriage believe that it’s only supposed to be between a man and a woman. Typically “marriage is a commitment between man and woman
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We often talk about equality and I believe and rights and I feel like this is a civil right. They often face “discrimination based on sexual orientation” (Haldeman, pg. 2). I don’t think being able to marry someone of the opposite sex affect the community, I often say if it’s not harming anyone in any kind of way then there’s really no problem. I mentioned that it’s a part of life, when we dream of finishing school, getting a good job getting married and having a family who are we to hold back a same-sex couple. We often feel uncomfortable with what we don’t understand or maybe some of us are still stuck on tradition. I’m part of a Catholic family as I mentioned before, I asked my parents about their thoughts on gay marriage. Both of my parents said that it wasn’t natural and that I should not be legal, they both mentioned that God created man and woman and that relationship between the same-sex isn’t right. I don’t think in this case religion and civil rights should be mixed we often talk about freedoms and equality don’t get me wrong I may be Catholic but I don’t mix my religion with civil right. Unlike Kim Davis who denied a same-sex couple service because “it would violate her conscience and go against her religion” (Hannah, Payne and Shoichet, 2015). As for the right to raise a child I previously said that there were different factors that were believed to affect the child in some way but I don’t think its necessarily since a child can be raised differently and it isn’t really possible to keep an eye on the difference because the way each child is raised varies. “The effects on children of being raised by lesbian and gay adoptive parents cannot be predicted” (Adoption and Same-Sex Couples: Basics, 2016). When I said that homosexuality is not a choice I meant that people do not just decided they are gay, it’s the gender you automatically identify with. We can’t just ask “if a child’s

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