Human Rights In The LGBT Community

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Lately, there has been a big discussion regarding the concept of gay marriage. The Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender (LGBT) community has been fighting against the government, looking forward for public acceptance and governmental laws that would let people of the same sex get married. There are millions of same sex couples in the world who feel left behind because of the lack of equal rights. For example, people from all over the world move to the USA because cultures are rapidly associating with each other. These people are finding themselves trapped, thinking that they 're going to find more freedom and legal rights in the USA more than anywhere in the world. That’s what the country portrays to society, but in reality, human rights in …show more content…
According to Paul R. Brewer (2014) “the density of LGBT people in a specific geographic region helps to explain residents’ views on legal recognition for the sex couples” (P. 297). That explains why people who live in big cities, where gay marriage is legal are more accepting and opened minded about the LGBT community. Some social infrastructure changes are visible in politics such as political attitudes and behaviours including the “voter turnout and vote choice” (Brewer, 2014 P. 280). The problem with this infrastructure change is that it negatively affects states where gay marriage is illegal. While the LGBT community increases in big cities, other cities where gay marriage is illegal will be facing a decrease of the people who does support gay marriage. With an unbalanced population where there’s a increase of people who have the same negative opinions over a topic, such a gay marriage, discrimination tends to take place more often and bullying becomes a more common element in public places. This issue is alarming because parents who live in a geographical regions where the majority of people have the same strong opinion on gay marriage, parents tends to be more strict when it comes to discipline their kids. With such discipline forms; the evolution of homophobia in kids will be transmitted from their parents and it will psychologically affect their kids as they gets older. According to Anatoly Karlin (

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