Persuasive Essay On Legalizing Marijuana

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Legalizing marijuana has been a very controversial topic in the world recently. Many states are thinking about legalizing marijuana. There are many reasons why this could be a great thing for the Unites states, however, there are also quite a few reasons why this could cause problems for the country. People all over the united states are asking state officials to vote on the topic. A few state officials have already ruled out legalizing marijuana, but is that the right choice? I think legalizing marijuana is a great idea. We have seen politicians fighting with the issue for months now. So far Colorado has shown us that legalizing marijuana is a very beneficial thing, I believe all the states can benefit from this.

In January of 2014 Colorado
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There was also a study on how legal marijuana affects the suicide rate. They ran tests over the course of 12 years with data from the legalization of medical marijuana alone. They found that the suicide rate ended up going down pretty dramatically from over twenty eight suicides per 100,000 citizens to barely over 23 with the states that didn’t legalize medical marijuana rising. Marijuana not only helps with depression it is also a huge help for many other medical disorders. They found that it tends to work better than some medicines developed for alzheimer’s disease. In testing they found that the THC in marijuana was more effective than medicines like donepezil and tacrine which are two drugs prescribed for alzheimer relief. Marijuana was more effective in relieving the symptoms, as well as slowing the progression of the disease. There are also tons of study on whether or not Marijuana should be used to treat AIDS and cancer patients. The tests showed consistently that the THC in marijuana led to increased hunger, relieve pain, and make patients sleep easier. My grandmother was suffering from pancreatic cancer for years. They one thing that we noticed helped her mood a lot was dronabinol. Dronabinol is a pill form of THC. When she was taking it she was in a much greater mood much like she was before being diagnosed with cancer. This also led to a ton of other health benefits for her because of the dronabinol she was not only eating again but it had seemed to slow some of the side effects of the chemotherapy. I definitely think that she was able to live through the cancer as long as she did thanks to this. It helped her have the will to keep fighting for as long as she could. While this wasn’t a cure it certainly made a big difference in a good way and helped me see why marijuana can be beneficial to the

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