Persuasive Essay On Illegal Immigrants

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Illegal immigrants deserve to be treated the same, they are all human beings as everyone else. Illegal immigrants should be treated the allowed to become legal citizens with full rights.

Including the young innocent kids and adults running away from their problems in other countries. Among all people coming the from other countries with not a single penny or even a single drop of water. The government should give fair rights and opportunities to every warm body walking around this country.

Immigrants are willing to come to the United States of America for a much willing and brighter future. Many of the immigrants in the United States are Hispanics. As shown on data over the past few years, many are undocumented. Therefore,
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This creates a dysfunctional system towards the immigrants. Which it may hold bad but their are good probable cause to good. While this can raise the competitive side for jobs, and it mays also open up several positions for illegals. The only things is that many jobs may be at low pay and no very welcoming environments. With that being said, United States of America is responsible for economic establishment for the citizens in the country but yet the immigration system are gaining workers by the thousands. With the jobs and work force being done with, their is being a less abundance of job being discovered. Creating only small opportunities for certain amount of foreign illegals to gain and hover over poverty. Low-skilled immigrants are mostly likely to live in poverty compared to the native people in the United States. It falls under the causes of the immigrants run under a lack of insurance coverage and welfare programs. “immigrants having 32 percent of of those in United States without health insurance in 2009” as quoted on under low-wages and immigrant poverty. Furthermore, having less immigrants will not affect the amounts of jobs being open, but more higher paid position would be affected. Many immigrants have taken a good amount of jobs off the native because they are comfortable a low wage paying. Statistics has shown that if removing one third of the illegals population of the country it would increase the pay on a unskilled employee by four hundred a year. So, many jobs would open to a better wages and better working conditions. Being the only downfall in immigration would be the amounts of jobs gained and lost. Nothing can be as bad as it seems. Government have always found solution to fool around the system and beat the economic distribution to a better

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