Persuasive Essay On Hybrid Cars

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Hybrid Cars
The common thought nowadays is to save fuel and buy a hybrid, but are hybrids actually as good as everyone thinks they are? Hybrid cars aren’t as good as everyone thinks, and they can actually hurt the planet more than normal cars that run on gasoline. A hybrid car runs on gasoline but also uses an electric motor to improve miles per gallon. A battery is the cell that hybrids use in order to store electricity. Many people think that hybrids are good for the planet but they aren’t, this is because during production they give off more pollution than normal gasoline powered cars. Hybrids aren’t that beneficial since they still give off pollution because they are still using a gasoline powered engine. Hybrids are an issue due to the fact that lots of people are buying hybrids thinking that they are good for the planet when really they are worse, and cost more money. Hybrid cars aren’t as good
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“A 2008 report by the Natural Resources Defense Council, an environmental advocacy group, states that the widespread use of plug-in hybrids could create "significant increases of soot and mercury" in the air “(“Hybrid Vehicles”). Some companies also lie about the fuel efficiency of their vehicles. “For example, Consumer Reports found that the 2003 Honda Civic Hybrid averaged only 26 miles per gallon, compared with its advertised rate of 48 miles per gallon “(“Hybrid Vehicles”). A normal car gives off about 75 pounds of Co2 every 100 miles while a hybrid gives off about 50 ("Pollution Caused By Building...."). This shows how hybrids don’t actually give off that much less Co2 than normal cars. A lot of people buy hybrids because they think it will save them money, and it will help the planet. But hybrids still give off pollution from their gasoline powered engines, and they don’t get the gas mileage that most companies say they do. Hybrids also have other problems such as reliability and

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