Persuasive Essay On Carbon Pollution

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Our world has been in a constant limbo dealing with the atmospheric environment threatened by emissions and carbon dioxide. For centuries, nations have gathered to cultivate ideas on how to decrease the cause of these gases and how to save the future of this planet. The solutions they came up with were to reduce the uses of carbon emitting products, buy different types of equipment, etcetera. The question everyone asks themselves before changing their ways is “Do I really want to do this?” The answer is almost always no; people like to keep doing the things they do with the things they have. Vehicles are a large part of the world as it is used for transportation, leisure, commercial and exploration. The only problem with vehicles come the cost of atmosphere polluting emissions. The solution that hasn’t been procured until a few years ago is what can be done to the things we already have to solve the issue of greenhouse gases without having the people change drastically; and the solution to that is creating a trap for the emissions to be captured in and convert that into a usable product. In the past couple of years, the carbon emissions have been largely composed of different types of sources which are: electricity, transportation, industry, …show more content…
The way the device will work is there will be a vacuumed chamber in the pipes where the emissions pass and in the chamber are lined with UV lasers to split the atoms creating a form of oxygen. Looking ahead in the future, this development could be used on a larger scale and sent up into the atmosphere where the remaining emissions are and collect the CO2 to convert it into usable oxygen (Lewis and Writer 2014). This idea of mimicking the photosynthesis cycle through synthetic instruments is immaculate and hopefully the solution to ending the crisis of pollution by

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