The Influence Of CO2 Emissions

Simply having a discussion “climate change” already causes an immediate segregation of a group for and against. People such as Marco Rubio, and James Inhofe are notable figures who have spoken out against this issue. They both go surprisingly in-depth in trying to prove that there has been no significant warming ‘over the past 18 years’, even though Dr. Michael Mann clearly states that, in the minds of those in the global scientific community, there is no doubt that global warming and climate change are indeed influenced by human life and fossil fuels burning. It should go without saying that the saviour from complete destruction of current organisms should then of course come from human activity as well.

As the opportunity arises to turn
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Undoubtedly, science provides an answer, and a wide range of practical solutions to pursue. The technology to significantly reduce CO2 emissions exists today, yet is more often than not ignored in favour of profit.

A prominent example of this is the Dakota Access pipeline. This is a 1,172-mile pipeline that would transport crude oil across four states and would forever change the way oil is supplied in the US. The company that is laying the pipeline claims that safety is their main priority, as innumerable accidents have happened before in railway transport of the oil. The ones in favour of the pipeline often mention the 2013 crash in Quebec, Canada. The train contained oil and ended up ruining central Lac-Megnatic.

Not only is the polluting of the Missouri river a tremendous risk once this pipeline is built, it also continues to prove an eminent lack of commitment to the Paris Climate Summit. Instead of looking at the bigger picture and concentrating on better and healthier ways to generate energy, they are only improving the ones that should actually be
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Trees safely store CO2, but once cleared and set on fire the CO2 escapes. The one to blame for this is the Palm Oil industry, as they have cut down 80% of the forest. Palm oil can be found in almost any processed food we consume. If we would stop devouring foods that contain palm oil and slightly adjust our eating patterns, we could greatly influence emissions.

Renowned for his research on evaluating geophysical repercussions of agriculture and diet, Gidon Eshel suggests that altering ones diet is the simplest method of contributing to help reverse climate change. In the documentary “Before The Flood”, he has stated that 47% of US soil is meant for food production, of which 70% is used to feed cows, whereas only 1% is meant for foods that we immediately consume: fruits, vegetables and nuts. Cows excrete methane, which is an extremely harmful greenhouse gas. By choosing chicken instead of beef, one would already reduce his or her own greenhouse gas emissions by

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