Causes Of Global Warming

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Zaynab Abdullahi
CHEM 1700-91
CO2 Emissions
Global warming is the gradual rise of the earth’s temperature within the atmosphere. The rise of heat is due to the greenhouse effect, which is caused by increased levels of Carbon dioxide. The earth already produces CO2 in different ways, but too much of it is harmful and causes global warming. There are many things that contribute to the cause of global warming, which affects human lives and health in many ways . Scientist’s agree that the main cause of global warming are human activities. Almost all modern technology produces CO2, as well the human body. As the the population increases, there is more CO2 being emitted because of the technology age we live in and the more resources we need. I
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The largest human source of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere is combustion of fossil fuels. Car engines mainly produce Nitrogen gas, Water vapor and Carbon dioxide. Carbon dioxide in a car is produced through combustion.The carbon in the fuel bonds with the oxygen in the air. Carbon dioxide is a colorless odorless gas that occurs in the earth’s atmosphere. In Carbon dioxide, carbon makes a double bond , or shares two pairs of electrons with each oxygen atom. Carbon dioxide is an end product of cellular respiration in organisms like, plants algae, and animals. Carbon dioxide is produced by many things including the human body. “The human body produces approximately 2.3 pounds (1.0 kg) of carbon dioxide per day per person just in its basic biological metabolic processes” …show more content…
Carbon Dioxide emissions result in increases in global surface temperatures. More heat is trapped in atmosphere resulting in the planet being warmer than usual. That is the greenhouse effect. The greenhouse effect occurs when infrared radiation is trapped by certain molecules. Electromagnetic radiation from the sun passes through the atmosphere at short wavelengths where it is absorbed by various materials. The radiation is re-emitted as heat which is then absorbed by greenhouse gases like carbon dioxide. This effect makes our planet warmer than it would be. Plants and animals have always benefited from the greenhouse effect’s warming influence. Without the greenhouse effect, earth 's temperature would fall below freezing. However, human activities are now polluting and increasing the concentration of carbon dioxide level in the atmosphere, which increases the natural warming that is caused by the greenhouse effect.As the concentration of carbon dioxide in the earth increases the uptake of carbon dioxide in the ocean also increases. The ocean acts as a carbon sink and because of that ocean acidification occurs. Seawater is slightly basic but because of all of the CO2 that is being dissolved into the ocean’s pH is decreasing. Ocean acidification has been increasing over the years “Over the past 250 years, ocean acidity has increased by 30 percent as oceans absorbed around 530 billion tons of carbon dioxide”

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