Benefit Of Bilingual Education

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If you were to ask an American adult whether or not he could speak another language, you would most likely get answer along the lines of, “I took a couple years of Spanish in high school, but I couldn’t speak it now if my life depended on it.” Sadly, if you were to go to a foreign country you would find most people there speak at least two languages. So what’s the difference between our country and theirs? Most of these other countries require their students to start studying another language in their early elementary years. You should support bilingual education because it is proven that bilingual children outshine other students academically, it will teach them to accept other cultures, and lastly speaking another language could land them their dream job over someone else.
Many researchers worldwide have proven that
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It is crazy that people see a foreign language as a threat to our beloved English language instead of appreciating the growth of diversity in our so called “melting pot” of a country. Speaking of melting pot, learning a second language will help ready kids for the life of 21st century (Brisk 3). As a result of learning another language, the kids will also learn about other cultures, and this will help teach them to respect other people even though they’re different. Moreover, learning a second language will encourage kids to communicate with kids of different races no matter the skin tone or accent they have (Brisk 3). Brisk, professor at Lynch School of Education, goes on to say that children in the U.S. do not excel in geography assessments due to their inadequate awareness of the rest of the world (Brisk 3). It is obvious that we need bilingual education to teach our kids more about other cultures, geography, and people in general. In essence, by requiring bilingual education in schools you are better preparing your kids for the ever growing

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