Essay On Bullying Will Be Kids

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Kids will be kids. That’s a saying when kids misbehave or are hurtful towards another person. It’s a way to say that they didn’t mean any harm. It’s just the way they act and they do not know what they are doing. Many people do not understand that inside our schools there are thousands of kids who are victims of bullying. Tons of kids fear going to the place that they once felt safe at because they deal with mental or even physical abuse. This causes kids to become depressed, emotionally unstable, and sadly it sometimes it causes a child/teen to commit suicide. Students today are terrified to step into the doors of their own school because kids are being bullied by their peers mentally and physically. Some try to tell their teacher, either their teacher does not believe them or they keep it to their self because they fear that the bullying will get worse. According to “In one large study, about 49% of children in grades 4–12 reported being bullied by other students at school at least once during the past month” (facts). Bullying can cause students to feel alone and feel like no one cares about them which leads into one of the factors that is caused by bullying, …show more content…
That is not just kids being kids that is called bullying. No child should be afraid to leave their house because they are afraid they will be mentally or physically abused by their peers. If a student is being bullied, it should be stopped. No one deserves to be bullied or put down because of who they are. Richard Phillips wrote on Community “Don’t be a bystander. It takes courage to say or do something when you witness someone saying or doing something mean. Start with people you know and tell them when their actions are not ok with you (Phillips).” Take action, do not let someone get away with bullying. It takes one word to help save a

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