Persuasive Homeschooling Essay

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How many students are homeschooled in the United States? In 2010, the United States had approximately 308,745,538 people, and of that 53,980,105 were between the ages of five and seventeen (Population Clock). According to the National Center for Educational Statistics it states, “approximately 3% of the school-age population was homeschooled in 2012.”
Homeschooling means that there has to be a parent who is a stay at home parent, and not many parents are willing to do that (Khilawala). Students who are homeschooled need someone who can be there to teach them everything they need to know. Homeschooling needs more attention than going to a public or private school. There are many reasons why students should not be homeschooled, including being alone, and not having many people to talk to, not expanding socially.
Not wanting to have a child be homeschooled is very understandable. Not being able to be in an actual school can be
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Some students who get homeschooled do it because they value their education and due to problems in the school system they choose to be at home on their own, but with their parents to be homeschooled. The school system does value education as well, but not all the students do, and that can sometimes be a problem for others. It is on hand learning no matter where the student is, school or home, the student gets to focus on their education whatever way they want to.
Whether people chose homeschooling or regular school, it’s their choice, one can be better for some people and some are not for others. Homeschooling could be a good thing for many students. There are many advantages and disadvantages in homeschooling, but homeschooling is a great way for students to further their education without having to worry about the stress behind the school doors. Maybe homeschooling can only be good for some students and not all, but that is okay, some things are not made for

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