Homeschooling Provides The Best Education

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Many people prefer homeschooling their child, meaning that they 'd rather have their child be taught at home instead of going to a regular school. Some people will think about the idea of being homeschooled and think it 's pretty cool. Throughout my life, I have met several people who have been homeschooled, and I know how hard it was for many to have been restricted many things. I don 't think homeschooling does bad for you but I think attending a regular school can bring many benefits to you, possibly even more than homeschooling. Although there is many arguments on how homeschooling does good for a child, Homeschooling does not have as many benefits as a regular school does.
Students that are homeschooled are lacking beneficial learning
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Competition is usually a very big motivator in a persons life. If a child is homeschooled they might lack the motivation that comes with interacting with peers (Bell, Debra). W.A. Pannapacker in the article, "Homeschooling Provides the Best Education" says, "School sometimes teaches otherwise happy and intelligent children to become sullen and secretive and contemptuous of learning." I disagree with this completely because schools helps students get involved and interact with one another, whether it is in class or outside of class. Being motivated often brings good out of someone and healthy competition can be a perfect motivational tool, especially for teens.(Bell Debra) Homeschooling not only impedes healthy competition but it simply gets in the way of letting students interact and learn from others, which is a bit unfair. Homeschooling brings many disadvantages to a child 's life. For example, many students who are homeschooled struggle with admissions to college and universities ("Homeschooling.").Parents usually make the decision of having their child be taught at home because they believe it 's best for their child but what they are really doing is making their future harder for them. I believe a parent should do what 's best for their child 's future so they can have the best life possible and homeschooling is just a drawback. Not only does homeschooling get in the way of your college admissions but many homeschooled kids have amazing skills and potential when it comes to academic and artistic achievements but they are times were these talents aren 't recognized (Bell, Debra). Which means that not only is it harder when you 're applying to colleges but it 's not letting you truly shine at the things you 're good at. W.A. Pannapacker in the article, "Homeschooling provides the best education" states, "Home-schooled students are not always perfect, but they seem more respectful, attentive,

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