Persuasive Essay For College Life

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Brights lights. A stage, beautifully covered with flowers. Hundreds of my friends and colleagues by my side. Our class was preparing for the biggest event in a high school student’s life - Graduation. The four years of struggle finally came to an end when I received my diploma. However, I realized that as soon as I walk out the doors to meet my family and friends, my life will no longer be just “fun and games.” My life was about to change, and from that day forth, I would have to think and act like an adult. But what was the next step to becoming an adult? College? Yes, college was of course the next step for me and it should also be the next step for all high school graduates. College has many advantages that many people do not realize until …show more content…
Time spent in college is not all about grades and exams, but it is also a unique opportunity for students to mature. During their time in college, a student can gain independence and confidence. After being raised for nearly eighteen years, it is time for a child to become an adult. Parents will not always be there to support the child and therefore college shapes them into an adult. It is a terrifying step for many people to take, but being surrounded by other college students around eases the pain of leaving home. Another mechanism that college offer to the personal development of a student is the chance to meet many new people and to make lifelong friendships. College also improves a student’s writing mechanism and communication skills. When applying for a job, the corporation will ask many questions to the applicant during their interview. A great use of communication can help a job seeker increase their chances of being selected. Lastly, one of the most important skill a college student can use is how to manage time and budget expenses. Time management can be used during college for a student to be successful, nonetheless, it can also be used when the student enters the workforce. Time management is a key tool used is everyday life. A study was conducted at the University of Nebraska to better understand the value of extracurricular experiences on college students (Gill 3). The findings of this study reported the development of personal pride and a greater sense of self-identity. Extracurricular activities in college provides an opportunity for increased student engagement contributing to personal development. Confidence, making new friends, improving communication skills, and managing time are a few key skills that someone can learn or enhance in college. These sets of skills can not only be used during a student’s time in college, but also for the rest of their

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