Persuasive Essay About Gay Love

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I don’t even know where should I start to be honest, because I’m not quite sure when did I start to question my sexual orientation. It seems like I had some doubts though all my life… However, when you are getting older those doubts are needed to be solved. Sooner or later, people are going to start asking you about those things, and you don’t want to lie to them. Actually I’m not the right person to talk about it, because I did lie. I went through all middle school denying that I was gay. I guess, I lied to myself which is the worst thing that you possible could have ever done.

When my freshman year started and I moved to United States, I met a first openly gay person in my life. We talked, we liked each other and we got into a relationship from which I learned how is important to be yourself and how
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In the different boxes based on their relation to you. We will start with random people that meet on the airplane, street, cafes, hotels, bars. Put them all down there, don’t leave any spaces between. How big is your box? Huge, right? As the life is going, we meet a lot of people, they are important as well but you don’t talk with them any more, so why would you care? So let’s create a new box with your classmates, roommates, friends of your friends, maybe your pen-friend. Box getting smaller, isn’t it? You know those people for ages; you share memories with them, you went through bad and good day, you can almost fully trust that people. So now it’s time for the last box. Box for your family, boyfriend/girlfriend, husband/wife and closest friends… Well, I bet you already understood that I am talking about down here. This box contains the most important people in your life and you should never forget it. They are only people that won’t let you down. All the others will be gone, eventually. If I’m going to pack this box, Michael is going to be on top. Forever and

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