Persuasive Essay About Being A Vegetarian

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In our cultural context, countless Americans live an unhealthy lifestyle, and the food choices we make are often based on a lack of information. The topic I have chosen asks whether or not, becoming a vegetarian is worthy of consideration. The position that I will adopt will argue in favor of becoming a vegetarian, or possibly a semi-vegetarian. My current working thesis for my persuasive essay is Americans should consider how eliminating, or drastically reducing meat consumption in their diets will bring about positive change in this country (main point) by improving overall health, transforming us into citizens who make choices that are informed and responsible, and compelling the food industry to meet American demands.

My current working thesis has evolved this week as I have researched the subject of vegetarianism. Initially, I planned to strictly argue the health benefits of reducing or eliminating meat from our diets. The major point I wanted to address is the fact that the average American consumes an unnecessary excess of meat, which is damaging to their
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This article maintains that factory farms are necessary to meet the growing demand of feeding the population, and that these farms are humane. While I agree that at our current level of meat consumption, that factory farms are necessary to keep up with the demand, I refute that argument by pointing out that eliminating meat from our diets would decrease that demand. Additionally, there is overwhelming evidence that these farms are not humane. This is made evident by the fact that the general public is not permitted to see inside of these operations. Additionally, the fact that 85% of the meat is controlled by four companies illustrates that there is a national dilemma that would be influenced by consumers refusing to buy these factory-farmed meat

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