Persuasive Death Penalty

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I have always thought I was for the death penalty. I feel if you do something horrible, you don’t deserve to live, and I always assumed it would cost us less money than having someone incarcerated for the rest of their life. Additionally, prisons seem to be an ineffective in providing anything meaningful or beneficial to society. A few years ago in a public speaking class I decided to speak on the death penalty. It was a persuasive speech and when I started I assumed I would be for it. By the end of my research, I felt very different. I think in a perfect world, I would be for the death penalty, it isn’t a moral code that swayed my decision, but this isn’t a perfect world and there are so many more factors. First I am all about the money

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    Another persuasive argument that persuades many conservative against the death penalty is the worldwide language of Money. There are uncountable researches comparing the expenses of keeping a prisoner locked in jail, assessed at $32,000 per year, to the expenses of prosecuting and defending a capital case. Death penalty cases include more costly pretrial investigations, a lengthy complex trial, the payment of experts and forensics, the payment of prosecutors, defense attorneys, and judges, and a…

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    My persuasive essay is about the death penalty. I do not think that the death penalty should be allowed in the United States because of the fact it cost a lot of money and our government cannot afford to spend thousands and millions of dollars to harm another human being. And if we have a death penalty what if that person who was sentenced to death and already died was innocent for that crime. For instance there was a colored man in jail for armed robbery and let’s say he was protecting the clerk…

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    The debate on whether the death penalty should continue is an argument fought strongly on both sides. The phrase an eye for an eye (Exodus 21:24) tells us that if we are done wrong we deserve compensation from the one doing wrong to us. Every state is different on what they feel warrants for the death penalty but the one crime every state agrees on is murder. Society is split saying that the death penalty is inhumane and a legal unjust while others feel as though it is the only way for the victims’…

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