Essay about Personal and Professional Goals

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Personal Goals

February 5, 2015

Setting goals both personal and professional is easier than putting the goals on paper and figuring out how to achieve them. Personal and professional goals can be achieved with confidence and purpose. Balancing drive, achieving personal excellence, and minimizing stress can help accomplish your goals. (Lipsey, 2005).
My personal and professional goals seem to coincide with one another. I have made my career a priority for most of my adult life, working long hours several days a week. The drive was both financial and achieving excellence in my profession. At the point that I felt I had reached my maximum potential in my previous role as charge nurse of a busy critical care unit, I knew that
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I am communicating with physicians on a different level than I was used to before. Learning my new role and returning to school is going to be a challenge, but I did say I needed something new. There are times that I wonder what was I thinking? Do I really have what it takes to run a department? I am fortunate to have a supportive and encouraging director that believes in me and knows that I can do this. At this time, my department is looking into having registered nurses supervise pharmacological myocardial perfusion scans. Receiving a Cardiac Medicine Certification (CMC) through the American Association of Critical Care Nurses (AACN) will help strengthen my role as a leader and validate my individual knowledge in my specialty (Briggs, Brown, Heath & Kesten, 2006). Eventually, I would like to transition to the director of cardiovascular services as that position becomes available.
MSN or equivalent is the desired degree for any director position at my facility. This is going to influence what direction I may take to further my education. I have not investigated what master’s degree I would be interested in earning, I just know that it will be necessary to continue on my current career path. I have several mentors at the hospital that provide me with the support to be successful. Having the peer pressure and support of my colleagues is a huge motivator. Nursing leadership has become so dynamic that

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